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Image by Jesper Aggergaard

Build Strength and Size with Rest Pause Training

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In a strength and conditioning program, coaches manipulate sets, reps and weight to achieve certain results. But other variables also come into play, including tempo, rest time, range of motion and exercise order. Creative manipulation allows a coach to inject some of his or her own personality into every program.

 One system I find myself repeatedly coming back to is Rest-Pause training. It is most appropriate for athletes who need to make quick size or strength gains. I say “quick” because due to the amount of accumulated fatigue it can cause, Rest-Pause training is best suited for use over a relatively short period of time

Rest-Pause Training

Although different protocols exist within Rest-Pause training, the underlying principle is to manipulate inter-set rest periods into intervals of approximately 10-15 seconds in order to perform more total work with a heavier load.

Typically, this type of work can be implemented in two ways: 1) Rest-Pause the total number of sets, or 2) Rest-Pause to a specific rep goal with a desired weight.


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