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Upon proceeding to checkout you will be prompted to create an account on this website. This account is completely free, and allows you to access your file as well as the members forum for troubleshooting your file. The members forum is a place where you will be able to ask questions or find questions related to your file.

If you would like to bypass this step, and not join the website or forum please use the "Buy Now" button. 

Google Sheets Athlete Dashboard

Welcome to the Google Sheets Athlete Dashboard

This dashboard will allow you to enter in data, and display key metrics for your athletes.

To see this sheet in action you can view the youtube series HERE


  • Data tab to enter in all performance data
  • Test set up tab to organize your tests
  • Athlete info tab to enter your athletes
  • Dashboard
  • Dynamic updating headers
  • 3 KPI charts with team / positional average options
  • 7 trend reports with selectable start and end dates
  • 1 athlete profile radar chart to show up to 8 metrics

This sheet is fully unlocked and editable.

It is recomended that you use this product on a laptop or desktop computer.

By downloading this product you agree to not reproduce, resell, reconvey, or grant others permission to download or reproduce these files.

Upon purchasing this product you will be able to download a pdf that has all of the instructions to obtain your google sheet dashboard.

*After purchase you will gain access to an EXCLUSIVE customers only Forum for Q&A and updates to products. 

Google Sheets Athlete Dashboard

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