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DSMStrength Set & Rep Planning Tool

The DSMStrength Set & Rep planning tool gives coaches the ability to customize their set and rep load outs and display valuable stats.


Calculations & Stats Include

Total Sets
Total Sets (-Warm Up)
Total Reps
Total Reps (-Warm Up)
Average Reps / Set
Average Reps / Set (-Warm Up)
Max Intensity
Max Relative Intensity
Average Intensity
Average Intensity (-Warm Up)
Average Relative Intensity
Avg Relative Intensity (-Warm Up)
Average INOL
Average INOL (-Warm Up)


Please note this spreadsheet will work best on the newest version of microsoft excel.

This is a fully unlocked sheet. 


*After purchase you will gain access to an EXCLUSIVE customers only Forum for Q&A and updates to products. 

DSMStrength Set & Rep Planning Tool

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