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Sport & Data Virtual Mentorship

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Who Are We

What Is This About?

Over the last few years there has been a drastic increase in the amount of technology coaches are expected to understand and utilize in the daily coaching environment. This has left many coaches with many data sources and no real way of understanding, interpreting or using this data to better inform their coaching practice. 

As coaches we went to school to learn about the body, and now we are expected to have an understanding of sports science, data management, and data analysis as well. There is limited education available for coaches that directly involves sports and can help to improve these skills. 

The goal of this mentorship is to help coaches develop a working knowledge of Sports Science, Data Management, and Data Communication, this will allow them to better put to work the data that they are already collecting or want to start collecting to begin to answer performance questions in their environment. 

Mentorship Contents


Early Bird

Weekly Topic Presentations
  1. Sport Science Introduction

  2. Data Hygiene & Organization

  3. Data Delivery & Communication

  4. Strength Tracking & Analysis

  5. Athlete Monitoring

  6. Force Plates

Communication With Other Coaches
  1. Private Members Only Forum

  2. Virtual Shop Talk Meetings

  3. Help With Projects As Needed

  4. Lifetime Access

File Sharing
Project Creation
  1. Private Members File Sharing

  2. Members Will Be Encouraged To Undertake a Passion Project

  3. Presentation of Passion Project to Cohort

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Next Cohort Starting May 2022

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